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The 'V' Group was established in the year 2012 at Nasik Road, Nasik. with an aim to promote various educational, charitable and social activities for Girls. The 'V' Group had started its activities by providing services to girl students attaining higher education by constructing Girls Hostel by the name The 'V' Residency.

The 'V' Residency

The 'V' Group has set up The 'V' Residency Girl's Hostel to provide residential accommodation to Girl students pursuing higher education in Nasik.


The vision of the group is to work on educational activities for Girls and to continue its efforts to provide opportunities to them in various sections of society.


The 'V' Residency Girls Hostel is near to K K Wagh Engineering College. Mumbai-Agra Road, Nashik.


The 'V' Residency Girls Hostel is with an accommodation facility for 60 students. The hostel has three and four bedded, self-content Non AC rooms on three floors of the building.


To provide state of art residential facilities to girl students to promote a healthy, happy, self-content and secured life conducive to higher education.


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The 'V' Residency

ADDRESS : Girls Hostel, Near K.K. Wagh Engineering College
Near Canal Road, Amrutdham,
Panchvati, Nashik-422 003.

Contact Nos.: 7744870269, 7875826696

Email : the.v.residency@gmail.com
Web : www.thevgroup.in

Founder's Message

Dear Students!

Welcome to The 'V' Residency, Girl's Hostel in this academic year. We believe that your stay in this hostel will be productive and academically enriching leading to a successful career in future.

The city of Nasik provides a variety of educational opportunities to students. Many students from other cities and towns having dreams of achieving something better are eager to come to Nasik and join desired courses of study as well as obtain vocational and professional training in various educational institutes and colleges. But the state of the art and professional residential accommodation for students are few, especially for women students as compared to the demand.

It is with the aim of providing accommodation facilities to Girl students that The 'V' Group has started Girl's Hostel with all state of the art facilities. Since the hostel is situated very near to many educational institutions and colleges, Girl students can stay in a secured environment and peacefully complete their courses of study.

I feel very proud to be associated with The 'V' Group in their mission of empowerment of women students by providing excellent residential facility to women students to pursue higher as well as professional education.

Dear Students, we hope that you will cherish your stay here and when you leave, you will have a better understanding of sharing and co-existence with others making you a better individual.

Wishing you a great future ahead!

Shri Eknath Vitthal Somwanshi

Management's Message

Dear Students!

Education is one of the most important process in today's society for empowerment of women. Education leads to economic independence and thereby a woman attains a fruitful career leading to self sufficiency and independence.

In coming years The 'V' Group has a vision to play a vital role in providing services to Girl Students by starting new institutions right from Schools to Management Institute and Media College. However, The 'V' Group has always been sensitive to the needs of women students by closely working on various needs for the next generation.

With the aim of providing safe and secure accommodation to Girl students coming to Nasik from other cities to pursue higher education, The 'V' Group has started The 'V' Residency Girl's Hostel in Nasik.

We feel very happy to state that The 'V Residency Girl's Hostel has been provided with state of art infrastructural facilities and is located very near to most of the educational Institution and Colleges.

The management has provided all possible amenities for students in the hostel and it will be a home away from home for students so that they will be able to continue their higher education in a safe and secure environment conducive to learning.

We look forward to welcoming you in our The 'V' Residency Girl's Hostel.

Rohini & Kishor Somwanshi

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